giovedì 7 giugno 2012

Supermarket Trolley Exchange Rate 2€ = 0,02£

From My English Page

If you're British and you happened to come to Italy for vacation or any other reason, you may have noticed that almost all our supermarkets expect you to insert a coin in order to separate a trolley from fellow trolleys and use it.
Of course it is a refundable coin. It is not a way to make extra money. It is just a way to ensure that we don't leave our trolley wherever we prefer at the end of our shopping, but we take it back to one of the posts in order to retrieve our hard-earned coin.

But, flying to Italy, you'd better save some 2 pence coins from the charity bowl at your departure airport. Your humble coins worth will be multiplied by many scores in Italy! At least in a supermarket. As a matter of fact, a 2 pence coin fit perfectly the 2 euros slot which is adopted by most supermarkets in Italy!

This is a big temptation for me... When it's hot, when I'm tired or in a hurry I could decide to leave my trolley just at my best convenience and I only need to budget 2 pence instead of 2 euros for this privilege!

Of course I'm not doing this... I am a civilized person and, besides that, charity starts at home and every little penny counts!

But, most of all, I hope this 2 euro = 0,02 pound ratio is not going to become a future general benchmark in this times of eurocrisis!

I found the above pic at, a nice site with a lot of funny ideas and resources for parties and gadgeting.

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