giovedì 26 aprile 2012

It's High Time I Should See a Sangoma

from My African Page

If you have spent some time in Subsaharian Africa you may have heard about the word sangoma. A sangoma is a positive presence in the life of every african man or woman. A sangoma is something between a traditional doctor and a benigne witchdoctor, a person whom to trust and to visit for help and inspiration.

But if you happen to have an african wife and you quarrel or do wrong to her and you hear her saying "it's high time I should see a sangoma" then you'd better take it very seriously. You'd better buy red roses and ask for forgiveness! If you can just afford you'd even better buy her a diamond ring or a brand new car!

This pic has been downloaded from (providing clipart resources for the benefit of the less privileged around the world)

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